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The world's most progressive teeth straightening system

Fix your teeth in under a year with Gilbert, Mesa, and San Tan Valley Invisalign. This imperceptible braces system utilizes clear aligners to address your teeth rather than the dreaded wire and brackets. Utilize the most recent PC innovation to precisely and proficiently move your teeth. By and large, patients appreciate results in a year, and at times it is significantly more like six.

The Proven Strategy

To start, our dental specialist will perform a standard test to ensure this strategy is right for you. Then, at that point, you can anticipate the following:

Deep impressions of your teeth will be taken.

  • The Invisalign laboratory will create clear aligners planned interestingly for you.
  • At the point when you accept your most memorable set, basically snap them set up.
  • At first, the aligners will feel tight and for the following few days, your teeth will start to reposition.
  • Following fourteen days, you get new aligners and repeat this cycle until the ideal outcomes are accomplished.
  • Hope to visit the workplace each four to about a month and a half so the dental specialist can ensure everything is working appropriately.

Advantages of Invisalign

You can be certain that nobody will at any point realize you are wearing Invisalign because it is genuinely imperceptible. Another great feature is that they are removable, so you can keep on eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing regularly. Since you never again need to tolerate those bothersome wire braces, numerous patients find solace.

Eventually, this creative system will be clinically demonstrated to fix your teeth, giving you a wonderful grin much more efficiently than conventional braces.

Call our office to find out how you can achieve your whitest smile.

Plan Your Appointment for Invisalign

At Roper Dental Gathering, we offer a complete range of general and cosmetic dentistry services for adults and kids. We offer state-of-the-art innovation to ensure the best dental consideration in a safeguarded environment.

Our gathering exceeds all expectations to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our treatment. Along these lines, accepting that you want the best treatment for dental inserts, we ought to design your appointment today with one of our educated authorities.

Protected and Reasonable Dental Checkups

Did you know having a dental check at regular intervals is an unquestionable requirement? The time can change depending on the soundness of your teeth and gums. If you are searching for a protected, agreeable, and advantageous spot for dental tests, Roper Dental Gathering is here to assist with their group of qualified, dentally trained professionals.

What Our Client Says


Best service ever! From the front desk staff to being in the chair with Dr. Matt Roper, the care & consideration is stellar! Thank you!

David S.
Very pleasant, knowledgeable staff and always available when needed!
Rofia H.

Frequently Ask Question

More questions? We’re ready to help. Give us a call at 480-963-9900 or book your free consultation now.
Indeed! Invisalign is an optimal treatment for adults and adolescents. It resembles a virtually undetectable technique for an improved and brighter grin. Innovative technology has made it conceivable to fix your teeth straightening as well as various nibble issues, from minor to major, without intruding on your bustling life.
Invisalign is a course of wearing removable aligners that permits you to straighten your teeth in a brief time frame. There are no wires, no brackets, and even no limitations that you generally face with metal braces. This makes Invisalign the best answer for impeccably straightened teeth.
Invisalign offers a lot of advantages. You can wear clean and virtually undetectable aligners that no one can at any point take note of. You can likewise eliminate them effectively while eating and drinking, brushing, and flossing. Like metal brackets or wires, Invisalign never bothers your mouth or creates any aggravation.
No. Invisalign aligners are not virtually apparent. Thus, no one can see when you are wearing them. This implies, your life will not get impacted in any capacity. And you can do every one of the standard assignments with no concerns.