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My dentist got this new CEREC machine. He was so excited. In fact, I remember him talking about how he couldn’t wait to get it at my last appointment. So, when I needed a crown, he was almost giddy. He’d get to use his new toy. I was happy for him and happy about only needing one appointment. 

But, when I got the crown, it was way whiter than the rest of my teeth and looked like a rectangular piece of Chicklet gum. I can’t believe my dentist was so excited about this. Is that what CEREC crowns always look like? Chiclets gum teeth that look so unnatural? I wouldn’t mind if it were a back tooth, but it’s a front tooth and very distracting.

Cyrill K.

Dear Cyrill,

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.” It sounds like your dentist was as joyful as a boy at Christmas with his new CEREC machine. While it is the CEREC that mills the crowns, it’s the dentist who designs the crown.

If your crown looks like unnatural, it’s not because it’s a CEREC crown. It’s because your dentist isn’t a skilled cosmetic dentist. Have you tried telling him how unhappy you are with the crown? He might be willing to re-do it, especially if it means he gets to use his new machine again. 

Or, he may give you a refund. If the color difference is the only issue, you may want to consider whitening the surrounding teeth to match the crown. Any teeth whitening you do will not affect the crown. It only changes the color of natural tooth structures. However, you mentioned the shape being different from the other teeth too, so re-doing it is the only thing that will fix that.

If for some reason he refuses, you may want to get a second opinion on the crown. If it’s mismatched to the surrounding teeth, that dentist could put pressure on him to refund your money. Dentists care about what their peers think of their work.

Factors Contributing to Chicklet Teeth Appearance:

Let’s find out some contributing factors to chicklet teeth’ appearance:

  • Monochromatic Color Choice:

Opting for a monochromatic color that doesn’t include natural variations may result in a uniform and artificial appearance. Natural teeth exhibit subtle color variations, and replicating this complexity is crucial for a lifelike outcome.

  • Lack of Translucency:

Translucency is a key characteristic of natural teeth that allows light to penetrate and reflect. If the CEREC crown lacks translucency, it may appear opaque, similar to the appearance of Chicklet gum.

  • Incorrect Shape and Size:

The shape and size of the CEREC crown play a significant role in achieving a natural look. If the crown is too square or doesn’t match the contours of surrounding teeth, it may resemble the distinct shape of Chicklet gum.

  • Limited Surface Texture:

Natural teeth have subtle surface textures that contribute to their authenticity. If the CEREC crown lacks these nuances, it may appear smooth and artificial.

  • Improper Shade Matching:

Inaccurate shade matching during the CEREC crown creation process can lead to a mismatch with the natural color of adjacent teeth, contributing to an unnatural appearance.

Addressing the Chiclet Gum Teeth Appearance:

  • Consultation with Your Dentist:

Schedule a consultation with your dentist to discuss your concerns about the appearance of the CEREC crown. Communication is key to finding a solution that meets your aesthetic expectations. If you are unhappy, you can always ask for a dental crown refund.

  • Digital Shade Analysis:

Utilize digital shade analysis tools to ensure a more precise color match for your CEREC crown. This technology helps capture the subtle variations in tooth color for a more natural result.

  • Customized Shape and Contouring:

Work with your dentist to customize the shape and contouring of the CEREC crown to better align with the natural characteristics of your surrounding teeth.

  • Enhanced Translucency:

Request enhanced translucency in the material used for your CEREC crown. This can contribute to a more natural appearance by allowing light to interact with the restoration like natural teeth.

  • Surface Texture Enhancement:

Discuss the incorporation of surface texture enhancements in the CEREC crown to mimic the microscopic irregularities found on natural teeth, promoting a more authentic look.

Preventive Measures for Future Restorations:

  • Thorough Consultation and Communication:

Prioritize a thorough consultation with your dentist before the CEREC crown creation process. Clearly communicate your expectations regarding color, shape, and overall appearance.

  • Utilize Advanced Technology:

Leverage advanced technology, such as intraoral scanners and digital shade matching, to enhance the precision and accuracy of the CEREC crown creation process.

  • Collaborative Decision-Making:

Collaborate with your dentist in the decision-making process, providing feedback on the provisional restoration before finalizing the CEREC crown.

Achieving Natural Beauty in CEREC Crowns

The Chicklet tooth appearance of a CEREC crown can be addressed through effective communication with your dentist and the implementation of advanced technologies. By prioritizing natural color variations, translucency, proper shape, and surface texture, you can work together with your dental care team to achieve a CEREC crown that seamlessly integrates with your natural smile. 

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